Well-being packages

 You know you want to feel better, and that a multi-pronged approach is always the best option, but who on earth should you go and see? It's hard enough finding one decent practitioner!

We've done the hard work for you. This is Heal's focus is on helping you feel the best you can, and making your journey to feeling better as easy as possible. And now we're taking it one step further.


Jess has joined forces with the best practitioners she's come across to offer you packages of key treatments that will make a difference to how you feel and get you well and truly on the right track.

And on top of that, you'll get a tailored reading list, weekly calls with Jess and a 1-year Headspace Plus membership so that you feel increasingly in control of and knowledgeable about what's going on in your own body, and can continue to feel strong and healthy once the package has ended too.


Plan 1 

Reflexology and


A powerful combination that really complement each other​.

12 reflexology treatments with Jess from This is Heal.

12 acupuncture treatments with Sally Connelly, a Cheltenham-based acupuncturist with a great breadth and depth of knowledge about a wide range of conditions.

All treatments in Cheltenham.


  • Weekly calls.

  • Reading list.

  • 1 year subscription to Headspace Plus

Plan 2

Reflexology, acupuncture and Pilates

Plan 1, plus 12 Pilates sessions with the Pilates PT via Zoom.

With the right instructor, Pilates is a phenomenal form of exercise for breath control and strengthening your body so it supports you better and is more mobile.

Hollie Grant, aka the Pilates PT is the founder of the 'Athletics not Aesthetics' movement, and encourages men and women of all body shapes and sizes to do Pilates.

She has trained royals and countless other celebrities, and is recognised as one of the country's best instructors.


Plan 3

Reflexology, acupuncture

and PT

Plan 1, plus 12 sessions with Harry Shahlaei, the Cheltenham Personal Trainer.

Harry's focus is solely on analysing your body's movement to understand and improve areas that are weak or tight rather than body shape or weight. 


Harry has trained some of the region's greatest athletes including a UK Strongman, and is an expert in getting your body supporting you.


What you need to know before booking

Who the packages are for:

Anyone coasting through life feeling 'not right' will benefit from these packages. However, these packages have been designed specifically for those of you who have a chronic digestive disorder, hormonal imbalance, muscular weakness or are struggling with mental health. 

Sally and Jess treat many clients with these conditions, and both Pilates and resistance training are effective at supporting digestion, circulation, hormone balance, lymphatic movement and drainage to name but a few.

Duration of packages:

All packages are designed to be approximately 3 months long with 12 sessions of each therapy. There is no magic pill that will truly make your system happy, and change takes time. 3 months is a great length of time in which you can really make a difference.

Booking sessions:

You are given 12 sessions of each therapy and it is your responsibility to book them in. Please plan ahead, book your sessions in and respect each individual professional's own terms, conditions and processes.

Meet the practitioners

Sally Connelly

Hollie Grant

Harry Shahlaei

Jess Gunter