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Trust your gut

Fed up with battling on with chronic bloating, abdominal pain, anxiety, migraine, fatigue, food sensitivities, toilet troubles, heartburn or chronic excess wind?

Your gut is the most complicated eco-system we have ever known, and can become compromised causing many unpleasant symptoms.

"When Jess says she's not your typical reflexologist she's completely right and in the best way. Jess's passion and love of the practice makes her a complete joy to work with, I trust her implicitly and look forward to every session. Beyond that, Jess's wealth of knowledge spanning the health and wellness industry as a whole makes her a trusted source of information, insight and support that only increases the value and holistic benefit of her work. I'm so incredibly grateful to have Jess's magic in my life!"




Your mind and body are tightly interconnected, and Jess recognises this. She addresses your physical, mental and emotional health. 


Personalised, considered treatments

No one-treatment plan fits all here! Jess's approach is totally tailored to you, your unique system and unique needs. 

Deep-dive into your gut issues

Jess takes time to learn about you with an in-depth consultation to understand how your health history, genetics, and lifestyle affect your digestive health and symptoms.

Functional medicine and evidence-backed therapies

Jess uses functional medicine in her approach and may offer insights, health tips and advice on diet, exercise and lifestyle. She may also recommend other evidence-backed therapies are incorporated into your treatment programme such as acupuncture, 1-to-1 Pilates or resistance training, and nutritional therapy. 

Reflexology Therapy

Make the most of your time

If you live in or around Cheltenham, Jess can treat you in your own home, meaning that you don't waste time travelling.


You can also come to Jess's treatment space near Cheltenham College if you want to get out of the house!

Cheaper in the long-run

Yes, all treatments that are tailored to your unique needs have a price. But actually, what's better - spending money now on regulating your system with a reputable professional, or spending an ever-increasing amount of money on lotions, potions, pills etc. over the coming years and mustering through not feeling quite yourself?

Jess also offers a buy now, pay later option on treatment packages. 

Discounted treatment blocks

Jess's focus in reflexology treatments is to regulate areas of your body that are out of kilter. This requires frequent and regular treatments at first to encourage change. These are usually once a week. Once your body gets used to treatment, you can drop down to once a fortnight.

Jess offers discounted treatment blocks - 6 treatments for the price of 5 for £225 which is paid upfront. It doesn't include your initial consultation so that you can decide whether you like how Jess works before diving into a treatment plan.

Your initial appointment

Full consultation and treatment.

Your home (in Cheltenham or surrounding areas), or Jess's treatment space near Cheltenham College.

1 hour - 1 hour 15 minutes.




  • An in-depth discussion of your current problem, health and lifestyle history

  • Thorough examination and hands on assessment

  • A full explanation of what has been found and an outline of how we can help

  • Advice regarding how to improve/manage your condition

Follow-on appointments

Your home (in Cheltenham or surrounding areas), or Jess's treatment space near Cheltenham College.

45 minutes - 1 hour.




  • Health tips, general advice and after-treatment recommendations

  • Periodic treatment reviews to monitor progress

Jess also offers blocks of treatments. 6 treatments for the price of 5 costs £225. This doesn't include your initial appointment which will be £55.

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