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7 household items you can use in workouts

Lockdown, or no lockdown, it’s often useful to have an arsenal of items lurking around your home that you can use for a home workout.

Instead of weights:

- Tins of food

- Large towel tied in a knot

Instead of sliders:

- Face towels

- Paper plates

Instead of step platforms:

- Dining chair

- Sofa

TIP: to make glute bridges that little bit more difficult, lie on the floor facing the ceiling with your knees bent, and heels on the sofa or chair. Engage your glute and core as normal, and press up through your heels, holding for a few seconds at the top.

For mobility work:

- Broom handle

- Door frame (for pectoral stretches in particular)

HOW TO: stand in the doorway, and raise your arms up to the side, bent at a 90 degree angle with palms forward. Rest your palms on the door frame, and slowly take a step forward until you feel a stretch in your chest area.


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