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The swift spread of the new coronavirus (COVID-19) around the world is certainly capturing the media’s attention, and judging by empty first aid, household cleaning and toilet paper aisles, it is alarming for many others too, including a large proportion of my own clients.

There are many unknowns about this virus at the moment, but there is something that we do know for certain, however. Prolonged panic, stress and worry is, never has and never will be a beneficial response.

It’s terribly important to be considerate of others, and to be sensible by washing one’s hands thoroughly, avoiding touching one’s face, distancing oneself from crowds, and avoiding non-essential travel, but there are other things we can do too. Notably looking after and nurturing oneself, and continuing to make concerted efforts to support your mind and body.

You can do this by:

- Taking high-quality Vitamin C and Vitamin D

- Taking turmeric

- Drinking hot water with slices of ginger in

- Taking probiotics

- Getting adequate sleep

- Meditating

- Doing regular breathing exercises

- Moving regularly: Pilates, yoga, walks, runs, weights – whatever you genuinely enjoy.

- Fuelling your body adequately, including lots of fresh fruit and veg

- Focusing on positives, smile and do something fun!

If you have any questions, the best resource at this time is the NHS's website. Please read the NHS's advice and information about coronavirus.


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