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Jess works points on your feet that correspond to precise areas of your system to reduce pain, tension and other disruptive symptoms, and improve your overall health and wellbeing. 

What is reflexology?

I have MS and after a 6 week course, I have already noticed an improvement in my symptoms... Jess is hugely knowledgeable, professional and puts you at ease. I've signed up for another 6 sessions - money well spent in my opinion!

Reflexologists focus on optimising your body’s functions and energy by pressing carefully selected points on the feet that stimulate nerves that correspond to specific areas of your body.

Jess's unique approach

Jess has spent the last few years really honing her skills, and works using a range of advanced techniques. Jess now has begun to teach other reflexologists specific techniques that she has developed.

Jess focuses on alleviating symptoms and uncovering and treating the root cause(s). She uses functional medicine in her approach, and may offer insights, health tips and advice on diet, exercise and lifestyle. She may also recommend other evidence-backed therapies are incorporated into your treatment programme such as acupuncture, 1-to-1 Pilates or resistance training, and nutritional therapy.

When you visit Jess, she will take a holistic approach and address your physical, mental and emotional health. Jess's approach is totally tailored to you, your unique system and unique needs. 

Reflexology Therapy

Your initial appointment

Full consultation and treatment.

Your home (in Cheltenham or surrounding areas), or Jess's treatment space near Cheltenham College.

1 hour - 1 hour 15 minutes.




  • An in-depth discussion of your current problem, health and lifestyle history

  • Thorough examination and hands on assessment

  • A full explanation of what has been found and an outline of how we can help

  • Advice regarding how to improve/manage your condition

Follow-on appointments

Your home (in Cheltenham or surrounding areas), or Jess's treatment space near Cheltenham College.

45 minutes - 1 hour.




  • Health tips, general advice and after-treatment recommendations

  • Periodic treatment reviews to monitor progress

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