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A complementary health therapy based on the theory that points on the feet correspond to different parts of the body. By working these points, therapists encourage the body to work as best as it can, thus seeking to relieve you of symptoms whilst addressing the root cause.

Reflexologists work alongside allopathic healthcare to promote greater health for their patients. 



Want to try reflexology?

It's a pretty amazing treatment, but you'd probably expect a reflexologist to say that, wouldn't you?

Don't take Jess's word for it.

What people are saying about This is Heal

"Treatments were not only wonderful and a lovely distraction from my pain, but over the period I was treated by her there was a clear improvement of my symptoms. Jess is not only a highly skilled practitioner that I trust implicitly, but a really warm and lovely person too."

"I have MS and after a 6 week course, I have already noticed an improvement in my symptoms... Jess is hugely knowledgeable, professional and puts you at ease. I've signed up for another 6 sessions - money well spent in my opinion"

"Jess gave me a very brief treatment, at my request in the late afternoon. That evening my stomach felt normal. The next day my stomach felt normal. And in fact almost two weeks later the cramping and bloating has yet to return. I am truly amazed and hugely grateful. What bliss!"

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