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Wellbeing Bursary

Do you have a diagnosed medical condition and are desperate to try a complementary therapy to manage it, but just can't justify it? Read on...
Applications are now closed. Please register your interest for the 2024 bursary by filling in the form.

There are so many of you out there who have a medical condition, and who want to try alternative methods to help get on top of it. We are lucky enough to have the wonderful NHS, but other help is often inaccessible. And that's not good enough.

You might know that Jess treats 2 individuals roughly each quarter who have a diagnosed medical condition, who can't justify reflexology, but who Jess feels would benefit from it. 

But again, not good enough: we are taking it one step further.

The Wellbeing Bursary is 6 FREE treatments of reflexology from Jess, and 6 FREE treatments of acupuncture from
Sally Connelly Acupuncture to be used in 6 months. Both reflexology and acupuncture treatments will be in Cheltenham, and it is your responsibility to book them in.

Reflexology and acupuncture really complement each other. Many conditions benefit from a multi-pronged approach, so we're setting you off to a flying start with this opportunity.

Register your interest for the Wellbeing Bursary
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