This is Heal is run by Jess. Jess is a qualified and accredited reflexologist who offers treatments in central Cheltenham, or can treat you in the comfort of your own home or office.

Trust me, I'm qualified

Every reflexologist will tell you they're qualified. But what does that really mean? Rest assured you're in safe hands with Jess: she is the Prestige Award South West England Reflexologist of the Year 2021.


Jess is a Full Member of the Association of Reflexologists. This membership is only given to those who have studied reflexology at a high level, and who continue to build on their knowledge.

Through her own personal experiences, she understands and is passionate about holistic health: after unfortunately going through several traumas several years ago, Jess became ill with endometriosis, post-traumatic stress disorder, a resurgence of Epstein Barr Virus and a digestive disorder. Reflexology and acupuncture put her back on the right track, and started a deep interest in the intricacies of the body, and holistic, complementary therapies. 

So you're going to touch my feet?

Reflexology isn't a foot rub or a nice treatment to have on a spa day. It's a powerful method of encouraging your body to heal itself, be it after sustaining an injury, after surgery, or when faced with pain, illness or disease. 

Jess won't light candles, play whale music (unless you want her to) or talk to you in hushed tones. She'll listen and understand your symptoms, will hone into what your body tells her, and treat you.

Jess has had especially good results with sports injuries, endometriosis, hormone support, hysterectomy recovery, migraine, arthritis, sleep disorders and digestive issues.

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