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          Hi, I’m Jess

I stumbled into the world of reflexology begrudgingly actually, thinking “why on earth would I bother trying that” when a family member suggested I give it a go when I was very unwell a decade ago: I was unable to move out of bed or off the sofa because of a complex combination of problems including endometriosis, post traumatic stress disorder, gut problems and a resurgence of Epstein Barr Virus. After being told this was “all in my head”, I moped for a few days wondering what on earth I would do before deciding to give reflexology a go. I had nothing to lose so why not!

To my total astonishment, it really helped, and I experienced really pronounced changes and improvements over the course of a few months of treatment: I started back at the gym, started working again and started socialising again. Hurrah!

And so started my unrelenting interest in the human body, health and wellbeing. Our systems are so incredibly complex, and there is always a reason why you’re feeling out of kilter. I am hugely interested in evidence-backed approaches to improving health and wellbeing, and have recently studied the highly acclaimed IFM AFMCP: their Functional Medicine course.

Reflexology is very helpful in restoring balance and addressing both the root cause and symptoms you’re feeling: it isn't a foot rub or a nice treatment to have on a spa day. It's a powerful method of encouraging your body to heal itself, be it after sustaining an injury, after surgery, or when faced with pain, illness or disease. 

Some patients and peers have labelled me as “not an average reflexologist”, and I attribute this to the fact that I don’t light candles, play whale music (unless you’d like me to!), or talk to patients in hushed tones. I thoroughly explore your health and medical history and symptoms, and hone into what your body tells me through treatment too.

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