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Want to improve your cycle and support your hormones with reflexology?

Are you experiencing fatigue, brain fog, bloating, PMS, anxiety or problem periods which are heavy, painful or difficult to manage?

Jess considers your entire system and treats you holistically to not only address symptoms, but to unpick that ball of string and treat the root cause too.

"Jess you are the best. You have balanced my hormones in conjunction with my healthy diet and exercise - you are the missing link to holistic health"

Pamela - Cheltenham




Your mind and body are tightly interconnected, and Jess recognises this. She will address your physical, mental and emotional health. 


Personalised, considered treatments

No one-treatment plan fits all here! The TiH approach is totally tailored to you, your unique system and unique needs. 

Evidence-backed recommendations


Jess may recommend other evidence-backed therapies are incorporated into your treatment programme such as acupuncture, Pilates, resistance training, and nutritional therapy. 

What is reflexology?

Reflexologists focus on optimising your body’s functions and energy by pressing carefully selected points on the feet that stimulate nerves that correspond to specific areas of your body.

Reflexology Therapy

Cheaper in the long-run

What's better - spending money now on regulating your system with a reputable professional, or spending an ever-increasing amount of money on lotions, potions, pills etc. over the coming years and mustering through not feeling quite yourself?

Discounted treatment blocks

Our focus in reflexology treatments is to regulate areas of your body that are out of kilter. This requires frequent and regular treatments at first. Once your body gets used to treatment, you can reduce frequency and drop down to a maintenance program.

Jess offers discounted treatment blocks. These don't include your initial consultation because it's important you can decide whether you like how she works before diving into a treatment plan.

Your initial appointment

Full consultation and treatment.

1 hour - 1 hour 15 minutes.



  • An in-depth discussion of your current problem, health and lifestyle history

  • Thorough examination and hands on assessment

  • A full explanation of what has been found and an outline of how we can help

  • Advice regarding how to improve/manage your condition

Follow-on appointments

45 minutes - 1 hour.



  • Health tips, general advice and after-treatment recommendations

  • Periodic treatment reviews to monitor progress

Jess offers packages of discounted treatments.

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